Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard of 2011!

Really? We live in Michigan people, aren't we supposed to get snow! There is a ton of it but it will be all right. :) This morning I could barely get the front door open enough to let the dog glad we had a snow day! So far the boys and I played in the 14 inches of snow (some parts with more), shoveled off the front porch, baked and brought some fresh out the oven cookies to the neighbor who so graciously snow blowed our driveway. We will be baking brownies and making chicken chili later...we are making the most of our snow day.

The boys love to lick the beaters!

Michael and Sadie outside on the deck!

Andrew loves the snow!

Sadie wasn't so sure about the depth of the snow!

Now the boys are playing with their cars in rice and barley! They can easily spend 45 minutes to an hour playing with this.

Happy Snow Day!!


  1. Hey lady!!! I didn't know you blogged??? (I'm a crazy stalker, know, being home all day, a girl needs something to keep her mind busy :)

    Your boys are so big!!! Yay, now I can what you are up to! Glad you see you Kara!

  2. I am a Michigan blogger, too. Mom of 2 grown (and adorable), men! Yikes!! Also was a teacher for 41 years, retired in '09. come check out my site:

  3. thank you for the comment on my blog. Lovely to pop back and have a look around yours. Great photos - amazing photo with the bear! wow