Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Best Brothers!!

I am so thankful that my boys love each other so much! They introduce each other as, "This is my best brother." They play (usually) well together and do not know life without each other. I never thought I would love having two boys (14 months apart) as much as I do. Since sickness has arrived at our house, the boys have had to stay away from each other as much as possible and that has been difficult for them. Today, since they were back to school/daycare, the conversation was so cute that I had with them....It goes something like this:

Michael: "Mom, can I touch Andrew?"

Me: "Yes, honey, he is all better."

Michael: "Yay, I can touch you Andrew!"

As the boys hug each other, Andrew says, "We can hug each other Michael!" "Yay!"

Then they proceeded to ask if they could touch each others toys, go in each others rooms, etc. and they have been excitedly playing with each other since we have gotten home.

Gosh, I love those boys!

Here they are playing in the Winter Wonderland!

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