Sunday, January 2, 2011

Excitement like a child!

I am constantly reminded of the innocence of children, their excitement for life, and their strong faith. Not sure why but death has been a big conversation in our house lately. Lots of questions: Is everyone going to die?, Will you be in heaven?, etc. On my drive back from Lansing today (I had to drop off Ryan in Lansing so he could catch his ride back to Georgia for his last leg (4 weeks) of training), I was thinking about the conversation I had with Michael recently. Michael: "Mom, I'm going to die some day?"
Me: "Yes, honey, we all will die some day but then we get to be with Jesus."
With excitement Michael replies, "We do."
Me: " Yeah, won't it be nice to see Jesus?"
Michael: "I can't wait to see Jesus! I am going to give him a big hug!" Then with a little less excitement, "But mom there won't be any toys in heaven."
Me: "Oh yes there will. Heaven will have the best toys."
Michael: "I can't wait to go to Jesus' house!" Then he begins to sing, "A big, big house, with lots and lots of rooms"

How precious it is to have conversations like that with my kids and even more of a lesson for me to be less stressed out, less wrapped up in the craziness of life, and more able to see life as a gift to be enjoyed and cherished. To have the excitement and faith like a child.

I have so many more stories, in fact, one that I had with both of the boys today on our way home but those will have to wait until another time. For now I leave you with this video, my boy's favorite!

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