Friday, January 21, 2011

Why I am so thankful!

I am SO thankful...

  • that I will no longer be a single mom in one week!
  • that we survived a 'new' normal for 4 months! Thankful we can get back to the old normal really soon!
  • that the boys adjusted very well considering they are DADDY'S BOYS!
  • that we have the support of a loving family! Thank You!
  • that I have GREAT friends who have allowed me to break down (at Panera Bread, baking or 'not baking' cookies, or after drinking some much needed wine. ;)) because I am not SUPER woman (even though I feel like it sometimes :))!!!
  • that regardless of what happens in life, I have a loving God who cares and provides and reminds me often of his unfailing love!!
  • that I can bask in the now and worry about later...well later!
Can you tell I am excited that Ryan will be home very, very soon?

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